"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words."
                                                    William H. Gass
In the end, we'll all become stories. 
                                                    Margaret Atwood
Let us help you tell your  story.
Please limit your query to one page. This is the teaser and not the book - give us a taste and leave us wanting more! When it's complete, please send by email to [email protected] Please title the email QUERY - author's name - date. We do not charge reading fees!
Follow the rules, but be creative. We read a lot of queries. If your book is special, your query letter should stand out.  Start with the writing. The magic is in the words on the page. Do your research. What do other queries in your genre look like?
Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar: A no brainer, right?
An introduction: Include the title and category of your work (i.e. fiction or nonfiction, genre and topic), an estimated word count, and a brief introduction.

A short synopsis: This should be similar to what's on the back cover of a book. 
Writer’s bio: Who are you and what compels you? What would make you a good fit for our agency? If you've won awards or you have writing credits, then please mention them. If we've met you or you have been referred we want to know. If it's a non-fiction proposal then tell me why YOU should be the author of this book.
Do not send attachments. Please use text within the body of your e-mail. Please do the same for artwork if there are images included. 

Please do not submit a full-length manuscript/proposal unless requested.

Let us know if your manuscript/proposal is currently under consideration by other agents or publishers.
Our authors are so important to us.  We are happy to read each and every query that we receive, and will attempt to get back to you within 4 to 6 weeks.