"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words."
                                                    William H. Gass
In the end, we'll all become stories. 
                                                    Margaret Atwood
About Us
The Beadle Literary agency is a boutique agency and publishing consultancy run out of Toronto. We are newly established and seeking talented voices looking for representation or assistance. We sell Canadian and American rights directly and work with co-agents for international and film rights. We consult on projects, do freelance editorial, and present at writing or agent events.
The agency will consider upmarket adult fiction, commercial fiction, literary fiction, women's fiction, book club fiction, international fiction, historical fiction, contemporary romance, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, comic books, poetry, memoir, platform based non-fiction, lifestyle non-fiction (fashion, fitness, parenting bloggers), cookbooks, middle grad, young adult, and picture books.
We do not accept screen plays, novellas, religious texts, translations, or academic text submissions.

Megan Beadle is the founder of The Beadle Literary Agency. With a publishing background in sales, a degree in publishing from Ryerson University, an undergraduate degree from Queens University, and a passion for stories and editorial, she is uniquely situated within the industry. After working at the Canadian Manda Group for three years selling books for publishers such as the Hachette Book Group, Abrams Books, Sterling Publishing, the Literary Press Group (a conglomerate of Canadian Publishers), Diamond Book Distributors, Independent Publishers Group, and more, she started combining her editorial work and connecting authors with publishers. It quickly became clear that being an agent was not just a passion, but a talent.


For international rights, we team up with co-agents in different countries that can help sell rights abroad. 

Sometimes we will work with an out-of-house editor if they are right for a project. They are always established and respected individuals in the Canadian publishing scene with unique qualifications specific to the work.